Daniele Margutti

Daniele Margutti

Daniele Margutti is a Software Architect and a passionate UX Designer from Rome.

He spends his time doing what he likes best: building software for iOS and OS X. He really loves clean and simple code. He also likes making new user interfaces and working on user experience to create products as easy to use as possible.

His past programming experiences range from C,C# to Java and PHP; he started programming on Mac since first the very first public beta in 2000 and has been working on iOS SDK since 2007.

He is currently working as a lead software architect at SQLabs, an Italian-based startup that makes some tremendously cool stuff for mobile developers, planning to go live in 2014.

As a freelance, he enjoys working on his own apps for mobile platforms, primarily iOS, where he spends too much time on design and usability.

He is an avid Sci-Fi reader and he likes to buy old Macintosh t-shirts from the glorious eighties.

He blogs about iOS development and other things at danielemargutti.com.

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