#Pragma Conference 2014 – Frequently Asked Questions

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Some additional information about the event.


How is Workshop Day structured?

Workshop Day consists of 2 to 4 sessions & practical laboratories to choose from. Each workshop will focus on a single vertical topic (eg. Core Data, SpriteKit, Auto Layout, etc) and will last 3 hours or 6 hours. In order to keep the quality as high as possible, the number of available tickets is limited. Purchasing a ticket for the Workshop Day will give access to all scheduled workshops.

How is Conference Day structured?

The format for Conference Day will closely mimic last year conf format. There will be 2 parallel tracks with 8 talks each, summing up to a total of 16 talks. Each talk will last 50 minutes. There will be lunch and coffee breaks.

What are the topics?

As for the previous edition, the intention is to cover as many topics as possible among the most interesting and advanced ones. Thanks also to the feedback from our previous events, we’ve built a shortlist of topics that we’ll try to cover for the best.

Will any SDK-related news of WWDC 2014 be covered during the conference?

We expect to cover at least the most exciting developer related news from WWDC 2014, like iOS 8, as long as they are no longer under NDA at the date of the conf. We can’t however guarantee that Apple will release its new SDK to the public in time.

When will the schedule be published?

The schedule for both days will be published on August 1, 2014, barring unforeseen circumstances. On that date we will officialize the names of the confirmed speakers, the list of the talks and the list of the workshops of our 2 day conference.


Will the event be in english or italian?

Both the workshops and the talks will be in english.

What skill level is suggested for attending the conference talks and workshops?

Talks and workshops will primarily be at medium-to-advanced level. We expect a few talks of introductory level on novel topics from WWDC 2014.

Should I bring my laptop?

As for the Workshop Day you can (and should) have the laptop with you to follow the sessions: each participant will be given a desk. As for the Conference Day rooms will be set up in theater configuration, thus we do not recommend carrying a laptop.


Do I have to buy two separate tickets?

In order to attend both the workshop day and the conference day it is necessary to buy 2 distinct tickets. There is however no obligation to buy both of them: you can buy just the ticket for the Workshop Day, just the ticket for the Conference Day, or both.

Will I receive an invoice for the ticket?

Being a non-profit organization, we can issue an invoice that is not subject to VAT, in compliance to art. 4, comma 4, D.P.R. 633/72. It is possible to ask for an invoice during the ticket purchase process.